My work

Small ceramic animal sculptures 

Beautiful, hand made and unique

My designs are inspired by my love of animals and my interest in Japanese and Aboriginal art

Commissions undertaken, contact me to find out more

Porcelain animals

All my porcelain models are very lightly coloured, relying on the natural beauty of the porcelain with it's unique translucent quality to shine through

Stoneware figures

I use a lovely warm stoneware clay which seems to really suit this chunky chap! 

Work in progress

Here is the same stoneware clay before firing

What a colour change!

Ornate carving

This little goose has a very ornate carved body showing stylised feathers

Ready to fire

This little tortoise is now ready to fire, then I have to decide how much colour to add to his highly decorated shell

Commission piece

This is sweet gentle Susie. She is a rescue hound and very much loved by her owner. 

Susie is very patient with her bouncy younger sister!


This handsome chap is almost finished and will be dried out before bisque firing

Commission piece

This is Holly the cob making her 'give me a treat' face!

She's quite an old lady now but still full of character.

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